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Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics: The Basics and Values of Integration

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Written by: Colin McEvily, Technical Account Director

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What is Adobe Campaign?

Adobe Campaign is the market-leading Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) that allows marketers to create customer journey workflows (ad-hoc and automated) and technical workflows, identify and segment audiences, personalize communications, and send communications through a number of channels. What sets Adobe Campaign apart from other MAPs is its ability to integrate into any solution while also having the propensity to manage high complexities of data and overall volume. It is a powerful digital tool that allows marketers to send the right message to the right individual or group at the right time. This personalized communication leads to better customer journeys, new customer acquisition, and enhanced customer retention.

What is Adobe Analytics?

Adobe Analytics is a market-leading application that provides a comprehensive breakdown of web behavior data regarding how visitors interact and engage with your website. Its ability to both gather and store data will help drive analysis on how you can improve current marketing campaigns along with identifying gaps or key actions your business can undertake that will enhance the customer experience. Such examples can include:

  • Identifying which page(s) on your website lead to the most conversions

  • Identifying customer segments that are most engaged with your brand

  • Analyzing when there is the most visitor engagement to drive personalized offers

Current State of Affairs

The goal of purchasing marketing technologies is to automate processes and campaigns to connect better with your customers and grow your business as it scales and evolves. To do this, technology silos must be addressed. Having multiple, disparate solutions will not lead to automation or breakthroughs in industry-leading marketing efforts. Getting to full automation requires integrations and teams speaking to and working with one another to make blue-sky visions become a reality.

Celerity typically sees that there is an individual or team specifically dedicated to each and every marketing technology, and this makes sense. You want solution-specific SMEs as the owners of these powerful tools; however, we also see that these teams seldom work together consistently or are aware of the capabilities beyond the technology they own or manage daily. One of the best ways you can implement new and innovative marketing practices is to set a blue-sky vision and work backward from there, deconstructing the steps required as you go. Until then, manual processes will require a large amount of staff bandwidth and pigeonhole the business in terms of what can be accomplished with your target audience(s).

Why Integrate? What is the Value?

Integrating technologies is the best way to remove manual processes and potential human errors while also opening a litany of solutions that will help drive business and lead to more revenue. Understanding the key touchpoints in a customer journey is vital to unlocking ways in which you can interact with your customers and provide better overall experiences. These better experiences will lead to more conversions, increases in new customer acquisition, upselling and cross-selling opportunities, and customer retention, just to name a few.

Integrating Adobe Analytics with Adobe Campaign will allow you to understand the web behaviors of those visiting your site to help drive communication that is highly personalized and best-suited for a particular individual or segment based on where they are in their lifecycle.

Examples of Integration Use Cases

1. Accelerated Customer Interactions

Using Adobe Campaign & Adobe Analytics, you can help customers feel the power of interacting digitally, encouraging them to continue using digital as their primary channel for a personalized experience.

  • 60% increase in returning visitors

  • Users are 9x more likely to convert when businesses follow up within five (5) minutes

  • Revenue is 5.7 times higher in emails that employ personalization driven by behavior

  • Brand loyalty is increased substantially

2. Behavioral Lead Capture

Capture relevant behavioral data from visitors to be used for effective sales, marketing lead scoring, and funnel conversion using Adobe Analytics & Adobe Campaign integrations.

  • 80% of companies that use automation software drive increased leads as much as 451%

  • Nurtured leads spend 47% more than non-nurtured leads

  • Highest-quality sales leads are brought to the forefront

3. Customer Product Recommendations

Use cases based on integrations for Adobe Analytics & Adobe Campaign are used to drive meaningful recommendations, keeping customers interested and frequent throughout their lifespan navigation.

  • Real-time offers can be up to 10x more effective than traditional outbound campaigns

  • Creates a more consistent brand experience across channels

  • Avoids unnecessary customer frustration


For any business looking to capitalize on an ever-evolving digital world, it is vital to understand the industry-leading technologies that can help bring blue-sky visions to fruition. With a litany of solutions currently available and constantly being introduced, you will want to employ those that meet base-level requirements along with the propensity to scale. Utilizing a marketing automation platform such as Adobe Campaign in conjunction with an analytics solution such as Adobe Analytics will help you close the gap and create better experiences with customers while also benefiting your staff by saving time and effort to allow your business to continue creating new strategies and focus on further big-picture goals. By leveraging these technologies and integrating to automate manual processes, you will get the most ROI and open up new avenues for marketing and sales.


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