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Consumers have more choice than ever before.

Celerity's AJO experts are here to help.

Marketing Technology that meets your customer's expectations has never been more important. Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) goes beyond expectations and delights customers, giving your business that competitive edge.


But how is AJO different to Adobe Campaign? How do you successfully transition from one to the other? What about integrations? How will this systemic change be managed and my team trained and enabled to succeed in the new environment?

Key Differences

Adobe Campaign & Adobe Journey Optimizer offer different functional and technical areas of strength. Scroll through our gallery to compare the two applications from a functional perspective and in relation to their different underlying technical designs.

Making the Transition

The prospect of moving your entire Marketing Technology environment to a new platform is daunting. However, with Celerity's proven end-to-end ENABLE methodology, our experts can guide you every step of the way and provide comprehensive documentation for stakeholders from techs to C-suite.

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Direct to Consumer

AJO Use Case

Direct to Consumer AJO Use Case

Implementation Experts

One of the things that sets Celerity apart is our attention to detail. Considering every technical and functional factor at a granular level allows us to make a transition to AJO that leverages the strengths of your existing environment and integrations.

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Learning Labs

Learning new technology is daunting. Celerity Learning Labs offers custom training at every step of the transition directly within your environment, empowering your team and your business to thrive.

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