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Integrating Your Webinar Software to Adobe Campaign

You can easily and seamlessly connect your webinars to your active Adobe Campaigns.  Let Celerity help you connect your webinar activities with your Adobe Campaign Classic instance for a more cohesive and data-driven approach to engaging with your audience.


Value of Integrating Webinars into Your Campaign Strategy


Webinars are a very popular way to connect with your customers, especially right now. They make it easy to share news about your products and services while adding a more personalized face to your brand. Getting people to attend a webinar can be tough, however. Most people may commit to one live event every week or two, so you must fight for their attention and make it easy for them to register and attend your session.


Celerity has worked with many of our Adobe Campaign customers to seamlessly integrate Adobe Campaign with several of the leading webinar platforms.  This means your email campaigns incorporate simple links for your customers to immediately register, which then allows you to enter them into a journey where you can automatically trigger reminder and follow-up campaigns.  This cuts through the clutter of potentially redundant emails so you can ensure you have the best possible chance for them to attend.   


Particularly in this market where every deal counts, timeliness and relevance can be the difference between moving an opportunity from a marketing-qualified lead to a closed sales opportunity. Having this process be slowed down because of manual or disconnected processes between Adobe Campaign and a webinar tool can add days to a process that only needs to take minutes.


How does Celerity’s Webinar Accelerator work?  


Like our other Adobe Campaign Accelerators, our webinar integration accelerator is a combination of expertly trained consulting services and components developed by our engineering team to make the whole process go much faster. The process starts with a short discovery call where Celerity will be able to provide you with the information that we will need now, alongside being able to give you real-world advice from having embarked on this process many times before. Celerity will be able to advise you on the setup within Adobe Campaign, make recommendations on webinar platforms to use and then guide you through setting it up within the Campaign platform.


If you currently have Adobe Campaign and or Adobe Journey Optimizer and are looking to link a webinar platform directly into your campaign communications, we would love to hear from you and advise you on a variety of options!  Feel free to reach out to for additional information at any time.

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