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Serialize coupons within Adobe Campaign with SerialSaver

Updated: Jan 5

There are so many websites out there where people can scour for deals and coupons (e.g., FatWallet, SlickDeals, WiredDeals). While these can greatly benefit a customer looking for a deal, they can be a marketing investment disaster for a company if links to their coupons are misused, reused, and abused.


The right deal targeted at the right crowd can impressively increase profits for a business.  However, the wrong deal or even the right deal that gets into the hands of the wrong consumer can result in terrible marketing losses for the organization.   


This is one of the several reasons why merchants are quickly activating functionality within Adobe Campaign Classic to serialize coupons into their marketing plans in 2024.  Serializing coupons means marketing teams can generate a specific barcode or promotion code to be used only by the intended recipient, and/or for a one-time-use-only redemption. The result is that your promotions are given to your intended targeted customers. Additionally, companies can then track redemptions within Adobe Campaign to ensure the coupons are going to the most potentially profitable customers, and remove the worry of the promotions showing up on one of those dreaded deal sites. 


For this reason, Celerity has created a simple package called SerialSaver, which can activate serialized coupons directly within your Adobe Campaign instance.  If you’re using Adobe Campaign Classic here are the 7 steps that SerialSaver completes with you to turn this feature on for your organization:


1.     We will sit with you to understand your requirements and goals for serialized coupons – what’s working for you now, and the vision you have for your team.  We’ll also walk through how we will activate the new functionality using Adobe Campaign and show you how it will reduce fraud, while simultaneously being able to reward your best customers. We will document the information gathered and provide you with a visual diagram of how it will work within the Adobe Campaign environment and your point-of-sale system. This ensures you have an easy way to explain it to others within your organization. This step usually takes about 1 day to complete.


2.     Then we will Install Celerity’s SerialSaver package into your ACC environment, and turn on ‘Offer Management’ within Adobe Campaign (if you have not already enabled it.)  These two tasks together take about an hour to complete.


3.     We will show you how to create your ‘offers’ in Adobe Campaign, adding in start and end dates, and then how to publish it live. We’ll also create a ‘setup workflow’ for you to use going forward. At this point, you will then be able to see your newly created offers in your live directory.  


4.     Next, we will help you set up the Adobe Campaign proposition table and extend it to add in fields like redemption tracking (e.g., location redeemed, time redeemed, a used flag, reversals, etc.)


5.     In step 5 we will show you how to create and customize a ‘system unique code list’ for your organization. This is the meat and potatoes of serializing coupons!  It’s where all the unique codes are created, stored, and associated with propositions so that the tracking of your coupons and offers is enabled. We will set up a campaign workflow for you so that you will be able to easily continue creating codes on an ongoing basis.


6.     We will then work with you to create the ‘API Endpoint’ which is where API calls are made between your point-of-sale (POS) system and Adobe Campaign. In essence, this is the mechanism to facilitate the two-way information flow to support the redemption of serialized coupons and tie it all back to Adobe Campaign for tracking coupon success.


7.     In our last step, we will provide personalized coaching for you and your team on how to track your redemptions, monitor their success, calculate the financial probability of offers, and make serialized coupons a key part of your overall brand loyalty and customer communication process.


Now you are in a position to comfortably turn on and use serialized coupons in your portfolio of marketing tools to (1) increase customer engagement, (2) decrease potential misuse of promotions and (3) attract even more customers.  You can feel secure that your offers aren’t being splashed over the ever-growing number of coupon junkie sites!  If you’re using Adobe Campaign Classic and interested in hearing more about how SerialSaver can work for you, please reach out to us and we’ll show you how simple it is to set this up within the Adobe platform.  

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