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The Power of Integrating your CRM with Adobe Campaign

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

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Regardless of what stage and sophistication you are at in your planning, implementation and campaign execution, leveraging Adobe Campaign in combination with your CRM system is a smart move. Aligning the systems tightly with your sales and lead management processes can ensure the results of your marketing campaigns and lead pipeline are profitable, and not to mention your processes become more efficient, allowing your teams to focus on other priorities.

Integrating CRM with Adobe Campaign Enables Organizations To:

Qualify and score leads based on specific marketing activities, so your sales team stays focused on working the absolute best leads

Based on criteria established in the strategy and planning workshops, focused on aligning sales and marketing teams around process, once the systems are connected organizations can automate data flow between CRM and Adobe Campaign bidirectionally. This removes the time it takes to manually extract, transform, load data and then have a salesperson spend half their day reviewing and vetting it. Once the systems are fully integrated, technical workflows will flow information between systems and automatically update the CRM with marketing qualified leads, expediting the lead-to-sales process, allowing your sales teams to focus on the right leads at the right time.

Automate Cross-Channel Campaigns across the lead-nurture funnel

With the system connection and the right workflows with sophisticated triggering capability, your organization can automatically deploy more personalized, more complex sales and marketing campaigns based on customer response, channel preference, behavior, preference and stage in the buyer’s journey. This insight added to your CRM will then strengthen your ability to segment the information, resulting in better and better marketing campaigns. This combined with integrations with CMS, other intelligence and analytics, will make your system even more equipped for personalization and real-time response.

Drastically reduce the time it takes to ETL data between the two systems

Automating data extractions between the two systems bi-directionally will eliminate the manual effort required to capture the right information, while saving your IT team time and preventing the risk for human error.

Deliver real-time lead and campaign attribution and performance reports to key stakeholders

It’s vitally important to understand the ROI on your marketing campaigns, and to be able to see those results quickly and easily. What traditionally was recorded manually by the sales team, is now being captured automatically based on the buyer behavior. Reports can be automated and sent directly to different line managers based on campaign results and activities being monitored and tracked.

For a deeper dive into what the systems can do when they’re linked together, here is a mock workflow. The diagram demonstrates how Adobe Campaign can be integrated with your MarTech stack including CRM, CMS, Analytics, Business Intelligence Tools, Homegrown databases, Mobile App, SMS, Webinars, etc., It then depicts how this information can flow through marketing processes and campaigns and how it interacts with your CRM to automate as many processes as possible, to achieve the greatest efficiency and attributable sales results.

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