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Our LearningLabs Training Services

Celerity’s LearningLabs unique Adobe Marketing Stack training services enable you to grow your team’s knowledge base, support organizational development, and enhance your technical skills while adhering to the latest industry standards. 


Why Did Celerity Develop LearningLabs?


  • Companies in this industry desire to learn how to use Adobe Cloud products in a way that’s unique to their customer data.

  • We understand how best to leverage different Adobe products and can easily share our knowledge to teach best practices and ensure you can scale with efficiency. 



We have successfully delivered hundreds of training courses throughout our 15+ years working with Adobe solutions and are proud to offer the best training for your marketing communications and journey creation needs. Our instructors look forward to sharing their tips and best practices to provide you with new ways to get the most out of your Adobe Marketing platform!


Benefits of our LearningLabs?

Our LearningLabs training services are designed to teach you a wide range of best practice methods for carrying out business-critical marketing activities in Adobe Journey Optimizer, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target. We will ensure you and your team become self-sufficient with the products and understand how to make your platform work better for you, helping you to achieve your present and future marketing goals. Our curriculums support new users to the platform and can also help more advanced technical and functional super-users.

Here are a few reasons why clients have selected our LearningLabs Adobe training services for their unique team needs:

  • Engaging instruction from our Adobe Certified Experts 

  • Multiple training delivery options using your own equipment from your preferred in-person or virtual location

  • Built-in, hands-on exercises to reinforce the learning topics

  • Group discussions on real-life use cases & practical solutions you can use

  • Deep dives into specific Adobe product areas to broaden your expertise

  • Instant answers to important questions

  • Customization for your staff based on your unique journey with the Adobe platform

  • Content is continuously updated to reflect new versions and upgrades from Adobe

  • Post-training support for questions

  • Ad-hoc virtual coaching when you need it

  • Online access to the training materials and best practices for you to continue using the instructional content for your own needs


The Adobe Marketing Stack is a powerful platform of products. Maximizing your team’s expertise is critical to ensure you:


  • Obtain the full ROI of the platform by utilizing it to its full capacity

  • Improve employee performance and increase productivity

  • Improve your ad-hoc and automated communication strategy

  • Reduce employee turnover due to frustration in day-to-day work with the platform

  • Reduce the creation of manual workarounds from a lack of knowledge of the power of the Adobe toolkit

Celerity’s 3-Step LearningLabs Training Framework 

At Celerity, we know that every business is different, especially when it comes to its use of technology. That’s why we offer fully customized training programs unique to the specific needs and requirements of your Adobe Marketing Stack users. Our training follows a three-stage process known as ‘ACT’ (Assess, Customize, Train).

Assess: With a few short assessment sessions, our team will analyze your current or planned use of Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics, Target and/or Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) and use the findings to structure a customized training program, so it is as relevant to your needs as possible. The assessment stage includes the identification of user types (e.g., beginner, intermediate, super-users) based on certain skill sets. Super-users receive the most technically thorough training, as we aim to give them the capabilities and material to train newcomers, build their teams, and troubleshoot queries. 

During this stage, we will also discuss focus areas that are important to you, along with the logistics that best fit your work environment. The Assess stage usually is accomplished in a single day of consulting.

Customize: Our team will then create a customized Adobe training program including a combination of group classes and one-on-one sessions, all structured to accommodate users with different levels of skill and experience. We will create custom training modules, presentations, and tutorial videos designed to make sure your staff is up to speed on the specific configuration and operational use of your Adobe products to support your marketing efforts. Typically, this stage is completed in 1-3 days.

Train: Once your Adobe Marketing Stack-specific training program has been created, our team will deliver the training directly to your end-users, on-site or virtually, based on your preference. Sessions will involve interactive training, followed by live exercises and quizzing to ensure users have met their learning goals. Review materials and videos will be provided post-training, allowing users to revisit key areas in their day-to-day usage of the platform. Most of our training courses are delivered within one day and up to five days in duration, depending on the use case.


A Selection of our LearningLabs Course Offerings

  • Adobe Campaign: QuickStart & Core Fundamentals for those who are new to Adobe Campaign, but need to be up-and-running and creating campaigns quickly.

  • Adobe Campaign Advanced: For those who have been working with Adobe Campaign for 6+ months and are ready to tackle the more advanced features of the product.

  • Adobe Campaign & Adobe Analytics: How to make the most of the tools together.

  • Adobe Analytics: For team members who are new to Adobe Analytics but have some general familiarity with your organization’s marketing data.

  • Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO): For users who are new to AJO and need to quickly learn how to create journeys and use it for campaign management.

  • Adobe Campaign Standard to Adobe Campaign:  QuickStart gives new users all the basics and tactics for using ACS on a day-to-day basis.

  • Adobe Target:  For users who are new to Adobe Target, including how to use, navigate, and take advantage of the Adobe Target product.


Our Three Adobe Training Delivery Options

On-Site Instructor-Led Training

This classroom delivery option allows for a comprehensive learning environment equipped with role-playing, case studies, exercises, group discussions, and other interactive activities enabling your staff to easily transfer new Adobe skills from the classroom to their real operations.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Different from typical, self-paced e-learning environments; our online option is delivered by a live Celerity facilitator, enabling participants to experience the same level of interaction they would in a physical classroom, utilizing technology.



Our Train-the-Trainer option will provide your internally designated trainer with the skills, processes, support tools, and methods necessary for the highest quality ongoing, internal delivery.


Which Organizations have Leveraged LearningLabs from Celerity?

With the significant Experience Celerity has built up, we are proud to have been involved in training some of the most dynamic brands in North America. Here is a selection of a few we have helped to thrive.


Goldman Sachs           Samsung            SiriusXM              Ulta Beauty            Fidelity 


Final Thoughts

Marketing technology is changing at an increasing rate, but with the right training and best practices, your team can make the most out of these advancements to thrive. Celerity offers complete Adobe Marketing Stack learning solutions so you can quickly and successfully upskill your team’s expertise while maintaining your budget. Our team of Adobe credentialed instructors will ensure that your team members, at every level, will have the skills necessary to navigate your Adobe products and excel at their marketing objectives. 

To discuss our options and to receive a price quote, please feel free to reach out to Sean Burrell at

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