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Celerity's Migration Accelerator Product for Adobe Campaign

Updated: Jan 8

Slash Costs and Time to Migrate Your Marketing Automation Platform.


Celerity’s latest product, Migration Accelerator, is an easy-to-use solution that will automate the full migration process from Adobe Campaign Classic to any other Marketing Automation Platform. This includes migrations to Adobe Campaign V8, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketo, and several other market-leading providers. Migration Accelerator was developed by highly skilled Subject Matter Experts and Engineers here at Celerity to solve a pivotal challenge many businesses face when working with marketing technology: 

“When the current platform needs to be upgraded  or is no longer best for the business, how do we transition to the right tool with a seamless and cost-effective strategy?”

Migration Accelerator will not only connect directly to your Adobe Campaign Classic environment, it will automatically extract all necessary data components to do the following:

  • Highlight troublesome areas of your current ACC environment that you may want to resolve before migration or choose to omit from being migrated

  • Analyze campaign workflows to understand things such as complexity level and date of last run to showcase what is unnecessary to migrate or which workflows may want to be re-evaluated due to elongated run-times, for example

  • Highlight custom scripting or code being utilized within your environment and what this is facilitating

  • Track the status of the migration down to the percentage point, enabling you to Project Manage, monitor the completion, and report back the overall progress of the migration

  • Provide easy navigation for the user without requiring numerous clicks


Most importantly? You will be able to migrate components one at a time or in bulk with the click of a button. No manual work is required, saving an immense amount of time and cost to your business. 

The screenshot below shows you the high-level dashboard which visually depicts all the ‘need-to-know’ information in a friendly user format.

Why is Migration Accelerator So Important?

As many marketers are aware, Marketing Technology (MarTech) is an ever-evolving, ever-changing landscape that challenges them to compete aggressively to stay ahead or catch up to both competitors and the wants and demands of consumers. As with any technology, there will always be new advancements whether to existing solutions or the development of new solutions that may better suit individual business requirements and use cases. Eventually, these advancements are compelling enough to lead a business to undertake a version upgrade, sunset its current solution, or seek the transition to a new one. 

The biggest problem with this? It is incredibly costly and time-consuming to facilitate such a migration. There are several tasks required within a migration that are heavily manual in effort. Firstly, you must extract and analyze all the data within the current environment, which could include a variety of comprehensive and customized components. From here, the business must assess what is essential to be migrated to the new solution, and here is where another pivotal question comes into play – can the new solution even support what needs to be migrated?

The Takeaway

Migrating marketing platforms is a major mountain to climb with a massive focus on strategy, road mapping, and end-to-end execution. With so many factors and components at play, it is easy for the process to become overwhelming with unforeseen hurdles along the way. After having undertaken several large-scale, enterprise migrations with our clients, we knew there had to be a better solution. As such, we have developed the Migration Accelerator to be just that and hope that we can help your business seamlessly migrate between platforms to help save you time and money so that you can get back to focusing on blue-sky visions that will help evolve your business.

If you would like to see a quick demo of Migration Accelerator, or obtain more information about the functionality, please feel free to reach out to Sean Burrell at

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