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Celerity's Calibrator Product for Adobe Campaign Monitoring

Updated: Jan 17

Celerity’s newest product, the ‘Calibrator’ is designed to scan your Adobe Campaign production instance, analyze all your workflows, and provide you with a dashboard view showing the most important characteristics of the workflows.  This gives you an easy way to proactively monitor all the workflows and ensure they stay optimized for peak performance and efficiency. It also enables your marketing team to have insight into your instance to catch and resolve any workflow problems before they occur.  


The reality is that inefficiencies creep into our workflow design habits over time, resulting in slower progress and added frustration.  The question is, how much faster could you get work done with better workflows?  The Calibrator’s dashboard of key metrics and its ability to facilitate easy drill-down into workflows helps you answer those questions.  The information below looks at the benefits and insights you can gain from using the Calibrator product.

Final Notes


ACC can be a large, unwieldy instance of workflows that without something like the Calibrator product proactively letting you diagnose campaign workflows, you will have to react and get into fire-fighting mode when problems occur.  Our Calibrator product gives you the critical insight to know what’s going on in your ACC instance and allows you to sleep at night knowing you aren’t doing your job in the dark!

If you have any questions or would like further information on our Calibrator product and what it can quickly and easily provide your Adobe Campaign team, be sure to contact Sean Burrell at

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