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Adobe Journey Optimizer Services

Where Can Celerity Help?

Adobe Journey Optimizer is Adobe’s relatively new marketing automation application that lets you create journeys or customer experiences based on all the data being captured by your organization across all your channels.  So, you can now truly create and deliver connected, contextual, and personalized experiences to customers to drive sales and brand loyalty in real-time.  


The high-level steps that you can complete with AJO include:


·      Defining the goals of the customer journey and the delivery channel(s)

·      Understanding the data to be pulled in, used, and its location

·      Creating the journey profile in Adobe Journey Optimizer

·      Designing the journey details, dragging and dropping parameters into the 

       journey palette

·      Testing the journey

·      Publishing and executing the journey to audiences

·      Tracking and measuring the results of the journeys


An important consideration with Adobe Journey Optimizer is that it can work jointly/side-by-side with Adobe Campaign so you can have the benefit of real-time campaigns at speed or scheduled batch campaigns – both of which can handle extensive volumes of messaging.  Adobe Journey Optimizer can also be implemented singularly as the marketing engine for your business needs.  Celerity’s team of Project Managers, SMEs, and Engineers can help advise you as to what is the most efficient and cost-effective solution to meet your specific customer experience goals.  Additionally, our team will work with you to complete the technical aspects of implementing and connecting Adobe Journey Optimizer and AEP to capture the needed data and provide the consulting expertise to define, test, execute, and track the campaigns deployed. With state-of-the-art marketing technology like Adobe Journey Optimizer and an experienced digital partner such as Celerity by your side, you can unlock customer journies and lock in customer-centricity for many years. Let’s talk about how we could optimize customer journeys together!

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