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Adobe Campaign Upgrades & Migrations

Maximize Your Adobe Investment

Where Can Celerity Help?

Celerity provides migration and upgrade expertise when you are moving from Adobe Campaign V7 to V8, or from V7 to AJO, or if you are migrating from V7 to a combination of Adobe Campaign V8 and AJO with the Adobe Experience Platform. Version 8 uses Adobe’s Cloud Managed Services which involves new configuration activities if you’re running an older version of Adobe Campaign in a hybrid or on-premise arrangement.  Experience completing this configuration is a strength we can bring to your upgrade.  Specific areas of assistance that our consultants provide include:


·      Expertise in taking advantage of the new Cloud Agility features 

·      Step-by-step work plans to define migration and/or upgrade activities

·      Layering in our best practices to ensure your new instance is set up for ease 

       of use and growth of campaigns

·      Executing our pre-built conversion scripts to reduce manual conversion 


·      Utilizing our CIS-built software product, “Migration Accelerator” to automate 

       the upgrade

·      Enhancing and extending reporting under Adobe Campaign V8 or AJO

·      Deskside coaching on the new functionality of Adobe Campaign V8 or AJO

·      Email re-design assistance to take advantage of the new Adobe Campaign 


·      End-user training for the end-users on Version 8, AJO where needed

·      Executing launch and cut-over plans to provide a seamless transition


A key enabler within Celerity’s Migration and Upgrade services is our ‘Migration Accelerator’ software tool.  It is a unique market offering that was built to greatly accelerate the process of migrating from Adobe Campaign Classic (ACC) to Version 8, or to Adobe Journey Optimizer.  The Migration Accelerator provides a perfect blend of software technology combined with Celerity services to significantly reduce the time to migrate from months to days. 

To read more about how we combine our Migration Accelerator tool with expert lean consulting services, check out our <whitepaper> and let us know how we can help your organization.

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