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New Major Version Release of Adobe Campaign - V8

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Adobe Campaign, Gartner’s leader among multichannel marketing hubs, is about to make another substantial leap forward. The platform’s newly released upgrade (Version 8) will be the next game changer for both current users of Adobe Campaign as well as those who are considering implementing a new marketing automation platform. Here are the key takeaways we’ve gleaned from market research, years of experience, and conversations with our partners:

Substantial improvement to query times within workflows

For many marketing automation customers who have large volumes of data, one component that has proven to be cumbersome is workflow run times. The more customer profiles you have and need to query, the longer it typically takes to get messages to your market. With Campaign V8, this feature has been improved to be 200x faster than current versions (up to one billion profiles!). Campaign has increased storage and now can send up to 20 million messages per hour. This is a major improvement that should prove extremely beneficial for Campaign users.

Snowflake Integration

Snowflake integration provides customers with the ability to work at a multi-petabyte scale. With the Adobe Campaign running at speeds up to 200x faster than today in cooperation with real-time data syncs and live reporting, decisions and campaign workflows can be deployed at increased speeds.

Connection to Real-time CDP and the Adobe Experience Platform

With this new functionality, users will be able to leverage a real-time, unified customer profile. Again, speed and the ability to increase personalization with immediate turnaround is a huge value add here. Campaign V8 is natively integrated to the Experience Platform and journey orchestration which will allow marketers to re-use templates and deliveries in Campaign to communicate with customers in real-time. With these functionalities in place, marketers will have the ability to communicate with customers in a one-to-one journey.

Upgrades to Several Native Functionalities

Not to be lost among these other valuable updates, are the increased abilities with native capabilities in Campaign such as data management and segmentation for communications to customers at an increased scale, multichannel capabilities, reporting, and analytics as well as decreased reliance on ESPs for those who may utilize this for sending of communications.

These are real, tangible upgrades that will increase both the usability of the platform as well as benefit marketing efforts regarding enhanced time-to-market communications and data management capabilities.

This is the first major Adobe Campaign upgrade in a few years, and we at Celerity are very excited to help organizations get the most out of it. Celerity has been working with Adobe Campaign since 2008 and is a trusted partner to some of the most advanced users of the platform here in North America. Having worked with many of these features (including Snowflake integration to v7), we can provide a checklist to help you plan for the upgrade and support you in ensuring your migration goes as smoothly as it can.

If you’d like to learn more about Adobe Campaign features or our other marketing technology services, please feel free to contact us today.


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