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Alleviate Pain Points by Prioritizing Your Marketing Campaigns

The Issue: Managing Multiple Campaigns Concurrently

For any organization that runs a multitude of marketing campaigns on a regular basis, one complaint often heard is that the more campaigns an organization has running, the more challenging it is to ensure the customer is receiving the right one. Without managing this larger quantity of campaigns properly, a business will run the risk of overlap – overcommunicating to recipients, sending them the wrong message at the wrong time and potentially losing your ability to deliver messages to them moving forward (channel or global opt-out).

The first instinct of most companies is to create rules within workflows limiting a household from receiving one campaign if they have already been selected for another; however, as the business evolves and more campaigns are implemented, these rules become extremely difficult to keep track of and organize. This puts the marketing department in a difficult position, forcing both time and resources to be allocated to a manual process, extensive documentation and a high risk of institutional knowledge loss when an employee leaves the company. Additionally, in many companies, the team responsible for executing the campaigns is not the same as the team creating the business rules. This can cause communication gaps and slow the business’ ability to read and react.

Celerity, IS (CIS) has worked with many clients who have voiced this concern, and we have developed an automated approach that is both modular and scalable and will alleviate this pain point.

Our Solution: CIS Campaign Prioritization Engine

CIS consultants, who have been utilizing Adobe Campaign (AC) for a minimum of 5 years for clients with a variety of overlapping automated marketing campaigns, have constructed a process that will allow a business to prioritize marketing campaigns for adhoc, continuous and recurring deliveries. This solution provides a scalable approach to determining which campaigns provide the best messaging to a customer as well as providing a simple web-based tool for marketers (who may not be Adobe Campaign power users) to adjust the priorities of a campaign based on the needs of the business. An individual would only need to have access to the web application in order to adjust rankings and would need no actual Adobe Campaign expertise. This will completely remove the need for manual intervention at a workflow level – it is a solution implemented, “behind-the-scenes” tool that drives marketing campaigns’ prioritization.

*With multiple campaigns running concurrently, each audience is likely to contain duplicate recipients

How Does It Work?

  1. With multiple campaigns running concurrently, audiences are determined regardless of overlap

  2. Once all audiences are selected, a master list is created, and a priority is associated with each campaign

  3. The engine then identifies duplicates in the audience and removes them

  4. This leaves only the highest-ranking campaign available for each individual

Our Approach to This Solution

One thing consistently holds true – every business is unique. Knowing this, CIS will coordinate a workshop with your team to gather requirements, learn about your business and ultimately provide you with the optimal prioritization engine solution based on your needs and levels of experience. Once the prioritization engine is in place, it will buy back a wealth of time for your AC resources and allow for optimal communication with your customers.

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