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Overall Consultancy & Implementation Services

Where Can Celerity Help?

Our Adobe Marketing Consulting services are based on a philosophy of collaboration and inclusiveness!  We work side-by-side with you throughout the various stages of your Adobe marketing projects from start to finish.  We’ll join in right at the beginning to get you where you need to be by scoping the project, conducting discovery sessions, gathering requirements, creating work plans, and then building and delivering the solutions.  Our Project Managers, Marketing Consultants, and Systems Engineers follow our ENABLE methodology, a proprietary structured implementation that has 5 stages:  ENgage, Assess, Build, Launch, and Evolve.  This approach ensures that our templates, pre-built acceleration tools, status reporting plans, and best practices are brought to every project to maximize your success and bring your project in on time and within budget.  


Looking to expand, optimize, or upgrade your Adobe instance? We also offer Consulting and Implementation services after you have implemented your Adobe marketing solutions. This could include layering in new integrations to other parts of your marketing stack, or other 3rd party solutions, optimizing and templatizing your portfolio of current campaigns, or even training and coaching the marketing end-users on how best to use your solution.  We are proud to say we have been asked to build some of the most sophisticated integrations to Adobe Campaign and have developed innovative custom solutions to some of the most unique and one-off business use cases.  


Our Consulting & Implementation practice has delivered more than 100 projects with clients all over the globe, including North America, and Europe in a wide variety of industries, such as Financial Services, Retail, Insurance, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, and Hospitality & Travel.   We have led projects for such well-known clients as Ulta Beauty, Elsevier, Disney, Darden Restaurants, Novo Nordisk, Sirius XM, Grand Circle Travel, Delta Dental, and some of the largest Financial Services firms in the world.


We don’t just ensure we deliver the implementation outcomes you expect; we go further to bring your marketing team, end-users, and executive sponsors onboard the transformative journey that a marketing solution like Adobe encompasses.

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