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Comprehensive Adobe Campaign Services

Maximize Your Adobe Investment

Where Can Celerity Help?

Adobe Campaign is a powerful part of the overall Adobe Marketing Cloud, and is a campaign automation platform that supports on-premise, hybrid, and cloud deployments.  It's a highly flexible and customizable application designed for simple to complex database marketing and cross-channel customer experiences. This solution provides a way for you to visually orchestrate multi-tiered ad-hoc, scheduled, and automated campaigns with batch or real-time interaction management. 


Celerity have been experts in the Adobe Campaign field for over 15 years, helping global clients implement, optimize, and integrate this technology into all sorts of other marketing applications.  Our experienced Project Managers, Campaign Consultants, and Technical Engineers have worked with a myriad of different client industries in all stages of their ACC journeys.  A key benefit of Adobe Campaign lies in its ability to be customized and extended, accessing data wherever it resides regardless of integration capabilities.  But that’s not always easy!  We are particularly skilled at helping you maximize the investment you have made with ACC, by utilizing its toolkit as a platform to do things that most other firms would find impossible.  


Whether you are embarking on your initial implementation of Adobe Campaign, or you are up and running with the application, we are here to help.  Our team of consultants has years of hands-on technical and functional experience in implementing, integrating, operationalizing, and supporting campaign production operations.  We can create effective email marketing programs, set up omnichannel campaigns, coach around strategies/tactics for multi-variate testing, and deliver tailored content at every stage of the customer journey.  


Areas where Celerity can provide Adobe Campaign expertise include: 

·      Step-by-step work plans covering all the Adobe Campaign

        implementation activities

·      Adobe Campaign best practices and techniques to increase engagement

·      Portfolio of campaign templates to accelerate your start-up

·      IP warming readiness planning and assistance

·      Enhanced and extended out-of-the-box campaign reporting

·      Pre-built integrations to/from Adobe Campaign to enhance your instance

·      Send-time optimization coaching and setup 

·      Packaged workflow templates for managing external partners

·      Seed-list management for optimal campaign monitoring

·      Deskside coaching, Adobe Campaign training, and train-the-trainer options

·      Email design and creative assistance

·      Regulatory compliance support

·      Accelerator widgets for common Adobe Campaign activities

·      Promotion steps across instances (e.g., Dev, Stage, Prod)

·      Launch and Go-live readiness checklists

·      Recommended roles & and responsibilities for end-users now running Adobe 

       Campaign instances

·      Post-production support retainers using our Zendesk environment

·      Upgrade and migration planning and execution

·      CIS-built Auditor software for ongoing instance maintenance 


We will be 100% dedicated to getting you where you need to be with your campaign operations so that you can focus on giving your customers the best experiences possible with your brand. 

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