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Adobe Production Services

Maximize Your Adobe Investment

Where Can Celerity Help?

Celerity’s Production Services retainers are a powerful element of our overall service offering.  We help you run and operate your Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics and AJO solutions with the hands-on expertise needed to keep production operations running flawlessly.

Once you are up and running – whether we were responsible for the implementation or not -  we provide technical support for your platform through customized support engagements. This can involve anything from providing extra ‘arms and legs’, QA’ing campaigns before they are deployed, creating and executing production campaigns, scrutinizing analytics, creating custom reports, offering insights, or monitoring multi-channel campaigns. Retainer services can range from one dedicated resource during business hours, all the way up to a full team of our resources on extended days and hours. We offer this support in a time and materials retained arrangement, where you only pay for services when you use them, yet you still have the assurance that you have a partner who will be there when you need them the most.  With our team’s decades of technical Adobe Marketing Cloud expertise, we can provide you with the assurance that campaigns will run on time and error-free at the highest level of productivity. We pride ourselves on being able to offer over 26 points of Adobe Marketing Cloud application support including:


  1. Overall Adobe Campaign, AJO and Adobe Analytics support and consultancy

  2. Being your first or second line of Adobe Technical Support to resolve functional or technical issues

  3. Completing your change requests to Adobe Campaign, AJO and Adobe Analytics

  4. Assistance in developing new Adobe Campaigns and workflows such as backup support, and help designing/building campaigns

  5. Developing flows to identify and segment prospects/leads and clients to communicate appropriate messaging

  6. Helping you prioritize campaigns by segment and building assistance on multi-channel complex campaigns and help optimize ones already in place

  7. Creating campaign templates and helping you build a portfolio of re-usable templates

  8. Documenting and training on sophisticated campaign template development

  9. Standardizing data hygiene enhancements to campaign logic to decrease inbox delivery issues 

  10. Adobe Campaign training to include developing end-to-end proofing processes, decreasing the risk of manual errors/creative typos, and establishing the best practices to have the most effective Adobe Campaign environment 

  11. Identifying and developing uplifts to your creative, proofing, and deployment processes 

  12. Increasing the efficiency of your Adobe Campaign environment with uplifted workflow scheduler plans 

  13. Standardizing workflow hygiene processes with best practices learned over 15 years working with Adobe, and layering in automated tools and script packages that we’ve built

  14. Synchronizing your PROD and MOT environments 

  15. Establishing development/testing best practices within the MOT environment 

  16. Mapping out your Adobe Campaign data to include a definition of a recipient and how to track a single recipient’s data across multiple data schemas 

  17. Working with internal data owners to determine data retention time ranges 

  18. Developing single naming conventions across all Adobe Campaign assets to assist in audit and troubleshooting efforts 

  19. Assistance in integrating Adobe Analytics data with Adobe Campaign for targeting and set up of trigger-based campaigns

  20. Coaching, planning, prioritizing, and implementing additional Adobe Campaign functionality and details on what the features will provide

  21. Cross-channel marketing consultancy and integration with additional channels for Adobe Campaign

  22. Data modeling and modifications to your existing data schemas, and ETL optimization tactics

  23. Providing JavaScript and HTML services related to Adobe Campaign

  24. Creating web applications such as Preference Centers to manage the frequency optimal distribution channel, and type of content a recipient receives

  25. Implementing Celerity-built Adobe Campaign monitoring tools to proactively ensure your instance is running efficiently and campaigns are executing flawlessly

  26. Developing custom reports, report alerts, and dashboards within the Adobe marketing applications


Our goal is to offer you production services to ensure your Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics and AJO environments are running at peak performance, and to provide talented hands-on expertise so you can create remarkable customer campaigns.  Whether you need a little help or full operational support, Celerity can help you improve your campaign automation, deliverability, and reporting.

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