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Adobe Analytics to Campaign Integration

Maximize Your Adobe Investment

Where Can Celerity Help?

Adobe Analytics gives you the ability to mix, match, and analyze data from any of your digital points in the customer journey. With in-depth analysis, versatile reporting, and predictive intelligence, you get the insightful foundation needed to build better customer experiences. It serves to stitch together cross-channel data to capture a richer customer story that you can quickly act on.


An application such as Adobe Analytics is essential due to the high mobility of today’s consumers. We use wearables, are immersed in the Internet of Things, cruise in connected cars, and watch TV through gaming consoles or multi-task with our phones, iPads, and media streaming services. This requires you to create a seamless experience and to deliver consistent messaging no matter what device the customer is on. Delivering the best, most successful communications, however, means you must have easy access and visibility to the data created by those actions.


Celerity can help you implement Adobe Analytics, layering in analytic best practices, and integrate fully into Adobe Campaign.  If you already have Adobe Analytics installed, but it’s not integrated into Adobe Campaign, we can also help you complete this very important integration.  


We have defined 9 basic steps to implementing Adobe Analytics successfully. You may have partially or fully completed some of the individual steps, or you may be starting with a new implementation or re-start with Adobe Analytics. We work with you to:

  • Identify the core team for the initiative

  • Familiarize your team with Adobe Analytics components including:

    • Segment Builder

    • Analysis Workspace

    • Activity Mapping

    • Data Mapping & Tag Management

    • Traffic Variables and Management

    • Attribution Concepts

    • Report Creation & Analysis Dashboards

    • Data & Report Importing/Exporting

    • Setting up User Access

  • Build the Business Requirements Document outlining your goals and technical activities needed to meet those objectives

  • Define your unique KPIs

  • Implement Adobe Analytics 

    • Install the application

    • Complete the DTM configuration

    • Set up the data elements, rules-events, conditions/exceptions & actions

    • Set up your Single Page App and related Data Layer

    • Define how your Data Layer will behave

    • Set up rules and custom coding for how data will be sent to Adobe Analytics

  • Create processes as to how libraries will be rolled out across instances

  • Use Adobe Launch to create environments (e.g., UAT, Dev, Prod)

  • Create custom reports and dashboards

  • Train, Test & Launch into Production

  • Plan for a bi-annual review to ensure the setup stays optimized and allow you to adjust and tune where necessary

An Adobe Analytics initiative is exciting to roll out. With the right degree of definition, planning, and support, along with an appreciation for what can be a legitimate resistance to change, that excitement will be for the right reasons. Adobe Analytics’ platform with its power to analyze large quantities of data, combined with Celerity’s expertise in simplifying the integration will give you a strong and deep foundation to grow with. Its ability to help you monitor web traffic, track marketing attribution, and predict business opportunities is unparalleled in the market. You can start simply with an easy-to-use Adobe Analytics setup, and then add to it with more data, KPIs, and reports as your team gains experience. But most importantly, the more attention your marketing executives and implementation team can spend on planning the setup up front, the greater the chances that you will knock it right out of the park.

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