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SiriusXM came to Celerity a few years ago from another client referral. We have been helping them push new boundaries ever since. This unique use case involved the challange of increasing personalized email volume without causing an increase in headcount.

The Challenge

Using only the technology available within SiriusXM, we worked together to develop a simple way to significantly increase the volume of personalized communications that can be sent to clients and prospects. Sirius wanted to ensure their high-priority quality controls and testing goals were being met, but also make the process of creating campaign programs easy and quick for their marketing end-users.  

The Solution

Working in partnership with SiriusXM, Celerity was able to design and build email creation modularization capabilities within SiriusXM's current Adobe Campaign instance. This allowed the team to quickly use pre-approved content blocks easily and at a scale of previously unobtainable levels. This included providing a templatized design component for schema and workflow templates to make program updates and new program rollouts easier.  This helped them win back time for everyone involved in marketing production and did not require SiriusXM to have to purchase any additional software. 


  • 52 % reduction in the time to build new campaigns

  • Up to 20x increase in the speed of getting campaigns into production

  • 25% reduction in the QA process of campaign reviews

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