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Rollins, Inc

Celerity worked together with Rollins to increase their personalized customer service reports from a volume of 800,000 a month (using their original system) to 2.5 Million using Adobe Campaign. A 200% increase!

The Challenge

Rollins Inc. is a pest control company serving residential and commercial clients. They provide pest control and protection services against termite damage, rodents, and insects to over 2.8 million customers in over 800 locations all around the world.  Rollin's primary need was to have a solution that would allow them to scale their delivery of service messages to their customers. Their current communication services solution was producing 800K service reports per month, but Rollins’s growth trajectory required a solution to be able to produce upwards of 2.5M+ service reports monthly.

Field Service Technicians for Rollin’s need to provide the customer with a service report within a few minutes of completing their visit.  They also need to track the metrics of that delivery (opens, clicks, etc.).  Providing that report more quickly would result in both residential and commercial clients signing up for additional services earlier which would be a significant financial benefit to Rollins.

The Solution

Together with Rollins, we were able to implement an entirely new ACC platform, turn on additional features to create emails with PDF attachments and create custom integrations/schemas to generate and deliver a service report within minutes to their customers. Over a period of a few months, we were able to deliver these immediate service reports as PDF attachments through ACC to over 840,000 customers and growing.  Rollins' plan is to roll this out to the full American and Canada technician teams so they can produce detailed quick reports to all of their customers. This Celerity project is a good example of how clients can use their existing marketing stack in innovative ways to solve a business problem and provide this to their clients in a near real-time customer experience.

The Results

  • 200% increase in message delivery achieved

  • 100% roll out to both Residential & Commercial businesses

  • Built-in features to allow personalization based on location

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