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Red Lobster

Red Lobster and Celerity worked together using their current Adobe Campaign instance to build a solution to reduce coupon fraud within their restaurants. This is a great example of how we can help you use Adobe Campaign in unique ways which can result in savings into the millions of dollars.


Red Lobster was losing revenue from over-redemption of their restaurant coupons (e.g., one coupon being used multiple times versus its intended use of one-time-only). The challenge presented to Celerity was to come up with a one-time use coupon solution, that could be tracked for closed-loop reporting, that would integrate into their current POS system and needed to use the existing Adobe Campaign instance. 


In just 3 days of solution discovery involving representatives from Red Lobster leadership, IT, marketing, Point of Sale (POS), and retail teams, Celerity's engineering and consulting representatives provided a solution to Red Lobster using their existing Adobe Campaign instance. Using our 'Serialized Coupon Accelerator Package' we were able to implement a solution that would come in at under 10% of what Red Lobster was losing in revenue. This solution was successfully implemented, tested, and deployed in a few months, did not require re-training at the restaurant level, provides savings for Red Lobster, and allows them to reward their best customers for their loyalty!


  • Significant savings (and growing) in previously lost revenue

  • The project came in under budget

  • Delivered their live solution 5 weeks ahead of schedule 

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