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Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk and Celerity worked together to develop an omni-channel SMS solution using Adobe Campaign. The solution needed to deliver text messages to their customers in real-time to greatly enhance the customer experience - and save $2 million+ in the process.

Business Challenge

Novo Nordisk and Celerity have worked together on a number of business challenges that together we have successfully delivered. On this occasion, the challenge was to bring an omni-channel SMS program in-house so that the Novo Nordisk team could be in complete control of the speed to market and any adaptations that they wanted to make going forward – and reduce costs at the same time. The business objective was to send text messages to patients to strengthen their existing relationships and communicate key information to them in real-time. 

The Solution

The Celerity and Novo Nordisk teams were tasked to complete this project quickly using existing technology, such as their existing Adobe Campaign instance in production at Novo. Celerity was able to configure and customize their Adobe Campaign instance, and integrate it into their current SMS to develop a successful solution.  We were able to work with their existing 3rd party vendor to migrate existing programs over to Adobe Campaign to keep the customer journeys that were already in place and not lose any traction.  We also used dynamic library loading architecture tactics to increase response speed and allow us to make updates easily. 


In the first 2 months of going live:

  • 419,153 real-time SMS messages were deployed to customers

  • 208,534 patients enrolled and are active

  • 55,715,554 inbound and outbound message logs

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