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Serialized Coupons

Maximize control over your promotional coupons

Celerity's SerialSaver package can show you how to utilize what you already have within Adobe Campaign to ensure a promotion or coupon isn't used more than once.  This can result in tremendous savings and reduce potential fraud for your organization.

Celerity has worked in the promotion coupon space for well over a decade helping our clients maximize the potential revenue of this powerful loyalty tactic.  One of the areas we have successfully addressed is setting up serialized coupon processing using Adobe Campaign and integration into your current POS application.  We do this with our SerialSaver package and by turning on features that you may already have in your Adobe Campaign environment and creating custom schemas to track unique coupon identifiers.  Our goal is to: 

  • Simplify the redemption process 

  • Ensure that coupons are being used singularly as you designed them

  • Eliminate possibilities for the promotions to be used fraudulently

Coupons that do not have a unique serialized code open the door for someone to use it over and over again, or post it on sites for the wrong audience to take advantage of.   This can result in significant revenue losses and potentially reward the wrong audience for your products or services.   Using Adobe Campaign’s Interaction Engine, we will show you how to deploy one-to-one serialized coupons to your customer base and capture actual purchase redemption behavior.  This also gives you access to a rich constant supply of first-party data to further drive segmentation to ensure follow-up communications are based on what customers have actually redeemed.   

If you are currently using coupons that do not contain a unique identifier you are likely incurring losses on the campaign promotions.  If you have Adobe Campaign and a POS system we can help. We can organize a short discovery call to let you know how to activate this, and help you get going as quickly as possible!

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