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Reimagine what your campaigns are capable of with Celerity's lineup of unique and powerful accelerators.

Celerity's 'Calibrator' application produces a blueprint of exactly what's inside your Adobe Campaign instance.  This is critical for monitoring what you have running and proactively uncovering problems that could pop up in production. 

This is why Celerity created our Calibrator product. It sits on top of your Adobe Campaign instance to give you a dashboard view so you can easily maintain and monitor your AC instance. The Calibrator provides your team members with a way to see all the workflows in Adobe Campaign and drill down into the characteristics of those workflows. You can see which ones are causing issues, taking up too much space, using too much unnecessary data, and cluttering up your instance. These issues can cost you money and increase your risk of a production campaign breaking at the worst possible time.
The four primary features of the Calibrator product include:   

Enabling you to Optimize Querying Patterns      

  • Identify & remove old, outdated, never-used workflows in your portfolio       

  • Allow you to understand the key functions/tables used across your workflows       

  • Take control by monitoring workflows that have outdated AC functions   

Ensuring Workflow Hygiene Across All Your End-Users       

  • See workflows that have certain features turned on that are stopping temp table clean-up & removal 

  • Isolate workflows that have settings turned on that are creating space-consuming logs on the database, bogging it down in run time   

Allowing you to clean-up your instance     

  • Remove old, outdated, and un-used test workflows that clutter up your instance

  • Troubleshoot workflows to identify any broken workflows that need to be resolved

  • View important indicators about a workflow that could be seriously harming your instance overall 

Documenting Your Current Portfolio

  • Help you train new end-users who have joined your team as to what workflows are built and running      

  • Proactively allows you to be in control of what's in your instance and keep it clean and error-free   

Once an Adobe Campaign end-user accesses the Calibrator dashboard and can see the workflows and their key characteristics, they can then optimize them to be more efficient. Without the visibility that our product provides, it's a struggle to make your campaigns more efficient and effective. With the Calibrator product, you can go to bed at night and not worry, knowing your Adobe Campaign instance is performing optimally. If you would like to see a demo or hear more about the Calibrator, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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