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Sean Burrell

SVP of Business Development & Global Alliances

I am the founding member of Celerity IS Inc. commencing in 2014. I had a vision to build a boutique Adobe practice and work with some of the largest and most initiative North American brands. I wanted Celerity to proudly be called a partner by organizations wanting to transform and innovate at scale.

I come from a background of driving successful alliances and sales across the European marketing technology sector. My time is divided between building Celerity’s alliance relationship with Adobe and managing and supporting new and existing business teams and opportunities.

In a leadership role, I play a key part in helping to drive technical innovation and digital transformation within Celerity and all our clients alike. I leverage my expertise to ensure the right people are in the room at the right time to solve whatever challenges our clients and prospects may face.

Autumn is my favorite time of year. When not being a dad and a husband I enjoy nothing more than “hot tenting” in New Hampshire or Vermont. For those wondering what it is, it’s a tent with a wood-burning stove in it to keep warm.

Sean Burrell
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